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WonderKids OT is owned and operated by Meike Vareschi, a specialist in Pediatric and Mental Health.

More about Meike

Meike was always drawn to working with children and connecting traditional occupational therapy work with mental health pediatric work. Since she received her BScOT degree in Germany in 1998, she has embarked on a rewarding career in occupational therapy, first in Germany and the United States and now in Canada. During her 11 years of practice in Canada, she has worked in several private pediatric OT clinics and also has been working in Mental Health for a little while at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Meike focuses on a strong sensory integration approach while supporting her clients in all areas of occupational performance. She has extensive experience working with Autism, ADHD, SPD, various chromosome disorders and development delays.

Meike is an effective, active and insightful listener and strongly believes in providing clinical services based on goals that are meaningful to the child and family. Her playful and fun style helps her develop a strong rapport with both children and families. She takes great satisfaction in empowering children to become more self-sufficient in both daily life and school activities.

Meike has a strong relationship with several community schools in the Lower Mainland. She provides assessment, consultations and workshops to teachers and parents and other professionals.

Meike’s professional education includes:

  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding Advanced Workshop
  • SPD PRO Level 2 certification: Intensive Mentorship Program. The Level 2 course, Hands-On Advanced Treatment
  • Intensive Mentorship Program with Lucy Jane Miller: Evaluation, Diagnostic and Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Sequential Oral Sensory SOS Feeding Approach: Feeding Solutions
  • Integrated Listening System ILS certified
  • Handwriting courses with various programs and approaches
  • Social skills development and emotion regulation
  • Autism and SPD conferences almost yearly
  • Anxiety assessment and treatment
  • The Alert Program
  • Sensory Processing in Everyday Life, School Companion- Winnie Dunn, Victoria
  • MET Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP
  • DBT Dialectic Behaviour Therapy
  • DIR Floortime with Rosemary White
  • Wilbarger Protocol
  • Understanding and Treating Sensory Defensiveness – Pat Wilbarger
  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment approaches in Paediatrics
  • Bobath
  • Sensory Integration Theory and Practice
  • Neurophysiology brain functioning
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Personal Trainer

Meike is married with two active, young children. She enjoys all kinds of athletics such as running, hiking, biking, and skiing. She is an avid reader, loves the great outdoors, and enjoys traveling abroad.

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