at the tableTestimonials for Meike Vareschi

“Meike is an amazing occupational therapist and a wonderful support to our family in dealing with the difficulties and challenges we face on a daily basis. Meike’s work with our daughter, who has multiple medical issues/diagnosis’, has been life-changing. Our daughter has made significant progress which has given her the benefit of experiencing aspects of childhood she previously could not experience given her issues and challenges. Meike’s professional and caring demeanor toward our daughter makes every visit an enjoyable, yet therapeutic one. Wonderkids OT is truly an invaluable therapy resource!”
L. and D. – parents of Z.

“Our son has improved leaps and bounds over the past few years. Thank you for the great work!”
J. Wijaya

“Meike Vareschi has been a kind and effective part of our daughter’s life for a long time now; footage of her work helps show others that our daughter’s boundaries are broader than they might expect.”
Dad of Child with Autism

“Our school has contracted the services of Meike Vareschi for the past couple of years. Meike has always displayed the utmost professionalism and care for her students.  She approaches each as an individual and notes their strengths and needs.  She provides detailed assessments and assists with programming.  Any educational setting would benefit from her expertise.”
Resource School Teacher

“Meike Vareschi, has been my son’s Paediatric Occupational Therapist for 4.5 years.  I consider Meike one of my Angels on Earth.  The connection and breakthroughs she has been able to achieve with and for my son Kyle have been nothing short of miraculous.  She is kind, considerate, extremely knowledgeable and very professional.  Meike and her team at Wonderkids OT have created a warm, inviting, nurturing and friendly clinical environment.  They should pride themselves on providing a first class family centered practise that is supportive and exceeded the needs of my family.”
“Meike and Wonderkids OT has not only changed my sons life for the better, but our family’s too. I feel extremely blessed to be associated with Wonderkids OT.”
K. Jenkinson

“Courtney has been very helpful to our son. We are seeing significant improvements in him since we started with Wonderkids almost one year ago. She also offers invaluable advice, time, feedback and helped school staff preparing his learning plan.  Whenever we are unsure of other therapy related issues and if we needed any additional help she is always is there. Courtney and the Staff at Wonderkids are very approachable we trust them and can recommend with confidence to parents who want to see their kids improve. Many thanks Courtney :)”
C & E

“Meike and her team at Wonderkids OT are thoughtful, compassionate and effective in their work with complex children and there families.  They become a partner to parents in understanding their children and help children feel validated ad understood.  Thank you for all your hard work Wonderkids!”

“My Son, 7 Years old, classic Autism with ADHD and sensory processing disorder and some degree of Depression and Anxiety.  After 8 months of therapy with Courtney, his sensory problem is getting better, at least we know how to help with his needs and manage or control it.  He is quite happy and relaxed during the sessions.  His play skills has improved the most.  While we are with Wonderkids OT, we also get help from Meike for many things such as where and how to get more funding, what kind of toys/equipment are good for my kids.  I am sure no matter what your kids situation is, they sure will be helped and improved at Wonderkids OT.”
T. Ma