For children who have had a recent OT assessment, we will provide an initial clinical consultation entailing a parent interview, clinical observation, and, if needed, additional standardized assessments.

We will then work together to narrow down measurable goals, which are always based on the family’s priority for change. We develop a treatment plan in partnership with the child and his or her family that is based on the child’s individual’s needs and primary concerns and priorities. Our treatment model includes before and after treatment evaluations so that your child’s progress is measured.

Boy playing during occupational therapy in Burnaby clinic

Treatment Options

We offer a variety of treatment options including weekly 1:1 treatment session or an intensive treatment module. Treatment is always tailor to the need of the individual needs of the child and his or her family. We work with a multi-disciplinary team involving a clinical counsellor and SPL who sometimes share sessions depending on the child’s needs.

We offer an intensive occupational therapy treatment model based on the treatment model of the STAR Centre. Recent research shows that frequent repetition is needed to make brain and behavioral changes. The intensive model entails short term intensive therapy 3-5 times per week.

We offer two social thinking groups, one for 4-6 year old children with special needs and one for 7-11 year old children with special needs.

Our Therapies

Therapy is child focused and play based with sensory integration strategies. At WonderKids we go beyond the traditional Sensory Integration therapy model in its focus on relationships and engagement, parent education, Listening Therapy, DIR floortime and much more.

We have both a “top-down” and “bottom-up” approach. This includes both the neurological foundations of functions (such as sensory processing) and the functional abilities (like playing with friends) and quality of life factors (such as having a peaceful home life).

A child’s occupational performance is play, therefore OT treatment is play-based. Essentially the child learns skills while engaging in a fun play session with the OT. Play is our platform of learning to share, take turns, to wait your turn etc. Treatment encourages exploration, creativity, and social expression while focusing on the established treatment goals. The child gains confidence and is encouraged to widen his or her abilities through play-based interactions.

Our services are client-centred and aim to bring out your child’s maximal potential. Treatment involves but is not limited to:

  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Feeding challenges based on the SOS approach
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Anxiety and emotion regulation
  • Printing, handwriting, and keyboard skills
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Treatment of oral motor skills
  • Poor behaviour and social challenges
  • Self esteem building

Parents’ education! We want to empower parents to and parents participate in most of the sessions so they can see in real time what we are doing. This will give the parents the tools and understanding to support their child at home in the future.

We use a holistic approach and consider the physical, mental, social, and emotional perspective of childhood disability. Our staff uses a variety of treatment approaches always with the individual child in mind. Our OTs are all trained in sensory integrative therapy (SPD Pro Level 1 and 2) and, have additional training in DIR floor time approach, cognitive behavioural training CBT, anxiety training, NDT and bobath training, and social skills training.

We do not offer these groups any longer but do offer groups:

  • Social-emotional learning groups
  • Social Skills groups
  • PEERS social skills groups
  • Picky eater and problem feeder groups
  • Anxiety and regulation groups

We run groups not on a particular schedule but all year long. Please contact the office for more information about specific groups and group schedule.

We do not run groups on a regular schedule but usually try to “fit” children together who have similar needs to allow for best group constellations (this needs to be said better😊)

We run groups with only occupational therapists or together with  clinical counsellors, speech pathologists, music therapists as well as art therapists depending on the groups.

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