about MeikeWho are we?
WonderKids OT is a private paediatric sensory integration clinic located on the border of Burnaby and East Vancouver British Columbia near the PNE.

We work closely with doctors, clinical counselors, dieticians, psychiatrists, physiotherapists and other health professionals to provide high quality occupational therapy.

We accept children from birth to 18 years of age with learning, behavior and developmental challenges. Our services include both individual and group treatment. Our instructors are registered with ACT BC.

What do we do?
WonderKids OT is known for “going the extra mile” to help our clients. We support children and their families on each stage of their journey.

WonderKids OT provides fun and active therapy sessions in a supportive and nurturing environment. We envision redefining the approach to developing child independence through holistic and multidisciplinary therapies that address the development of communication skills, social skills, language and peer interaction, and age-appropriate like skills. We seek to empower children to reach their full potential at each stage of development, and to celebrate their unique strengths.

WonderKids OT is available for private treatment, individual consultations, “social thinking” groups, community and school workshops, plus consultations and ongoing support for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals.

Why should you choose WonderkidsOT as your therapy centre?

At Wonderkids our foremost goal is helping children and families to thrive.  We are working hard to find individuals tailored services and solutions to help each child and family to reach their full potential.

It is frustrating and often scary to set up a support team for your child, we are here to help.

Wonderkids is a:

  • Child friendly, state of the art facility makes therapy challenging and enjoyable so kids are excited to participate.
  • Wonderkids always puts their clients first and is a highly regarded provider and well connected therapy provider of child development since 2008.
  • Wonderkids attracts and retains exceptional therapists and donates a lot of time and effort into therapist’s mentorships and ongoing education.
  • All OT’s are experts in sensory integration treatment but we combine SI with other “Best Practice” approaches.  Our Approach is practical ad results-driven and is always based on your priorities.
  • Our therapists love kids. However, the gauge of a truly advanced therapist is their ability to turn over “Magic Moments” with the child to you.  Those amazing moments of joy when your child has just accomplished the impossible belong to, and are given back to you.

Wonderkids is the founder and a part of the STEPS team (www.stepsbc.com) . The STEPS team is a multi-disciplinary team who work closely together to offer best practice and services to children and their families.  All therapists who are part of the interdisciplinary team bring many years of experience working with families in a variety of settings.  Each of the therapists hold their own private practice and clientele but chooses to be part of a greater interdisciplinary team to offer parents a more seamless support as well as to participate in ongoing professional exchange and learning opportunities.  Therapy sessions take place at Wonderkids location or the families home.